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Hi Nikki, I have been struggling on finding a style that suits me. I am really against the current “lad” trend that has rushed England with everyone dressing in Adidas and such. I have quite a slim figure and like wearing clothing that shows this off. I also like a lot of more feminine clothing such as short shorts, skinny jeans and high heels, but at the same time I enjoy looking masculine. I like looking modern and trendy and like to catch peoples eye so was just wondering if you had any recommendation?

George, 16/United Kingdom

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in the past few years, George, it’s that trends are not absolute. Even for people like me who give fashion advice, what we say are just suggestions. Why? Because ultimately, you yourself will be the one to make the final decisions about what to wear, as well as the why, where and when of it. It’s your body and at the end of the day, the only answer that matters is yours.

Plus, we’re now living in an age where gender is no longer binary, cover boys can be cover girls on magazines, and makeup for men is perfectly acceptable. What’s not to love?

Sadly, dear George, you disregarded the number one requirement when writing to yours truly: Not providing more information about yourself! Save for your age and slim figure, I have no idea. How tall? How are your shoulders and waist-to-hip ratio? Do you have legs that go on for miles or just around the block? Let’s hope that at least some of my ideas will be to your liking. And anyway, you can always write back. :-)

The Textural Playlist

Fall and winter fashion brings out all the luxe textures like angora, fur, animal print, suede and velvet. Velvet, in particular, was huge on the fall/winter runway shows early this year so nobody will definitely bat an eyelash if you wear this fabric from head to toe, George. However, since it is you we’re talking about, why not mix it up and then throw in a few prints to make your fashion playlist even better? Think camouflage print bomber jackets with bubblegum-pink faux fur cuffs or lining. Try quilted, long leather vests or coats paired with skinny white trousers layered with red leg warmers or opt for an extra-long bright red plaid scarf.

DISCOSALON : Besto : TheLees : PUFII

Cherryville : Coreena : Omifa

The Chrome Chronicles

If you’re looking to really shine, mirror-like finishes are worth looking into. Gold and silvery suiting and other similar iridescent hues are perfect for selfies and also guarantee standouts in a sea of mainly black outerwear. Go for a shiny golden bomber or puffer jacket and insanely short leather shorts, or switch it up by picking a pair of metallic leggings and pairing it with knee-high quilted boots or suede pumps. A faux fur keyhole scarf caters to your inner wildling nature.

Richcoco : Chicsense : MOFFI

Omifa : Matita : Pastel Pairs

Spin a Yarn, Knit a Tale

Since you mentioned you’re comfortable with womenswear as well, George (lucky you!), why not wear an off-shoulder sweater dress, or go for a slightly oversized boatneck knit sweater so you can rock a one-shoulder style? Handmade-looking knits are all the rage for the season so if you’ve squirreled away something your granny made, now’s the time to bring them out! Those homey, cottage-chic knits will find a willing partner in your favorite shorty shorts or skinny leather pants. Work it with high-top sneakers or super platform boots.

Frontline : chuu : REMEMBERCLICK


Now go be even more gorgeous, George!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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