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I guess you get lots of messages everyday and may not get to read my message. I really hope you do.

I’m of African descent, 5’9″ (175cm) and of a slim build — or maybe I should say simply “thin” because I have no curves at all, haha. I usually opt for big oversized clothes because I feel like they’re more comfortable and safe. I always go for tops with sleeves because I’m kind of hairy and I can’t even get rid of the hairs on my arms specifically because I get horrible allergic reactions from shaving or using chemical depilators.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about dressing better, more flattering, just improving my style. I’ve been looking at clothes on YesStyle. More specifically, at the dresses. They’re what I would like to see myself wearing. I love Korean fashion really. I’m still trying to figure out a good style to go with. I guess I’m asking for any kind of help I can get — advice and such — because I’m completely clueless. I really loved your blog about beauty resolutions for the year 2017. That’s what led me to write this. Thank you.

Anne, 21/Ukraine

Hello, Anne! Yes, I do get a lot of emails and while I may not be able to publish most of them, I do read every single one. I’m glad you also like the beauty posts written by my fellow bloggers here at The YesStylist because I do, too.

About your shaving problems, well, I’m not going to offer any specific solution about that. For me, hair removal is a very personal choice. Evolution has given us hair all over our bodies for a good reason. But you know, just because your hair is a bit thicker or more visible than most doesn’t mean it’s bad, okay?

Create Curves

If you are a pencil shape, wearing baggy, oversized clothes will not do you any favor. Any longtime reader of Ask Nikki knows that I’m not a fan of oversized tops. However, creating curves is easy, and you can start with getting the right-sized bras for your dimensions. Honestly, if your bras fit you like a second skin, that’s 25% of your fashion problems solved, believe me.

Ninefold : Quiria : Qianlee

To create a waistline or hips, choose tops and dresses that have cinched waists such as peplum tops and shirtdresses. Shirtdresses with an A-line silhouette in particular will help you achieve that look without breaking a sweat. A simple belt can already do wonders with transforming your figure!

J-ANN : chuu : GUMZZI : Dodostyle

Show Off Your Assets

I envy your height, Anne! And if you have long legs, now is the time to display them. I highly recommend you shop some of YesStyle’s very popular pleated mini skirts because they’ve got that flirty, girly vibe in them. Don’t worry about fashion emergencies because some of them have inset shorts. You can pair these cute skirts with leggings or patterned tights, especially while it’s still winter! Another option is to get a few of those inset skirt leggings — a staple of Asian style — which are great no-brainer, no-fuss options especially on lazy days.

Knee-length, A-line skirts will also visually balance your proportions. I suggest you go for those with pleats, gathers or even asymmetric and godet hemlines as these will add to the visual interest. A lovely tulle skirt along with a simple white T-shirt tucked at the waist and a belt gives you instant balletic flair.

OrangeBear : Jolly Club : Lemite

Elisa Rachel : AGA : Porta

Make Simple Changes

Make a conscious effort to always use more than one color in your outfit. Dark bottoms with a light top make an instant distinction, and really makes all your efforts more noticeable. Look for visual extras that will make your outfit pop. Asian fashion is rich in detail, that’s why you’ll notice that feminine pieces always have a bit of lace, ribbon, beading, bows, etc.

JUSTONE : Sechuna : MyFiona

icecream12 : LOLOten : MAGJAY

Go for a mix of smart or girly casual, even if you’re just wearing jeans or shirts. A cute floral print sweatshirt or a crocheted vest over a simple button-down shirt makes a difference. Wearing some accessories won’t hurt either! They don’t have to be outlandish big earrings or other chunky jewelry. A flowered hairband, a hair elastic that comes with a classy ribbon, bejeweled hair pins — a little goes a long way!

Here’s to the new you, Anne!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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