Pantone’s Top 10 Spring 2017 Colors



Fall is here and we’re already talking about 2017 spring colors? That’s right! Though referred to as “spring colors,” I bet these hues will soon find their way into fall collections from major fast-fashion boutiques. Indeed, we’re now living in a world where seasons become a label instead of actually representing the clothes that should be worn. Quoting from Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman in an article from WhoWhatWear: “You have to look at things and ask would people say, ‘I love that color. I want it now.’”

To keep up with this “see now, buy now” trend, Pantone has released its list of Top 10 Spring 2017 colors earlier than scheduled. Fresh from the New York Fashion Week that took place September 7-14, this list reflects the most frequently used Pantone colors from major designers:

Leftmost images: Carolina Herrara/ Bottega Veneta/ Boss/ Tory Burch/ Victoria Beckham/ Banana Republic/ Michael Kors/ Givenchy/ Altuzarra/ Dennis Basso

1. Niagara
Great news for denim lovers: The denim-like Niagara tops the list of the 10 most popular colors! Eiseman was especially impressed by American designer Carolina Herrera’s denim bustier ball gown from New York Fashion Week. So now you know what style to look for. Basically it’s about, as I’ve always pointed out, mixing trendy and classic / high and low / boyish and feminine. Think bustiers, spaghetti-strap tops, slit shirtdresses and overalls with buttoned or lace-up details. I personally find denim suitable for all seasons and most occasions. What’s more, it isn’t only about top and bottoms – you can have denim bags, shoes and accessories in faded, ripped or leather-trimmed versions. The possibilities are endless!

2. Primrose Yellow
This sunlight-inspired color reminds us of nature and is used with Island Paradise and Hazelnut to create a charming mood.

3. Lapis Blue
There are over 50 shades of blue but this one stands out thanks to its inner radiance and vitality. “Blues are anchoring color,” said Eiseman. “Women are looking for change, they’re looking for fun or some drama in fashion. But those familiar colors give us some ease in a political climate that gives us reason to calm down a bit.”

4. Flame
This theatrical reddish orange means party time and is sure to turn heads!

5. Island Paradise
Blue in its freshest shade, this color appears in Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2017 collection in the form of a panne velvet dress. Combine the aqua color with Flame and you’ve got an exciting, out-of-this-world palette.

6. Pale Dogwood
We’re still lingering on Rose Quartz, one of the two Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016. This light and airy hue goes beyond bridal as it fuses with Kale for a forest nymph look.

7. Greenery
Together with Kale, this yellow-green color is used with Island Paradise and Lapis Blue by Michael Kors to create a “forest bathing” atmosphere.

8. Pink Yarrow
This festive color has been widely used in cosmetics for years. “Put it in a garment and you’re always going to get compliments,” said Eiseman.

9. Kale
Kale offers a neutral, easy-to-match option to green up your closet.

10. Hazelnut
A variation of the universally flattering nude color, Hazelnut carries a warm undertone and can be worn anytime of the year.