Pinterest Reveals Top Trends for 2017



We usually rely on fashion shows and specialists for the latest trends, but the practice of trend forecasting seems to have changed. Like Google, Pinterest now forecasts what’s popular. Comprising 100 pins spanning fashion, beauty, home, food, travel and more, the latest Pinterest 100 report reveals the top trending items among pinners.

We’ve summarized Pinterest’s findings for women’s fashion below. The percentage in brackets shows each trend’s year-on-year increase in interest. If you already have these items in your closet, congratulations – you’re ready to rock 2017! And if you don’t, get them quickly at YesStyle!

Leftmost photos: Pinterest

1. Pins, Patches & Stickers (+800%)
Badges, brooches and pins are a fun way to personalize your belongings. They add a unique touch to your mobile phone, denim jacket and backpack, giving you the freedom to mix and match, and add or eliminate whenever you feel like it.

2. Political Tees (+360%)
Slogan tees allow you to make a statement without uttering a word. These tees don’t always have to be politically or grammatically correct — just have fun being silly once in a while!

3. Bell Sleeves (+300%)
Replacing the off-shoulder trend, statement sleeves have seized the fashion scene since fall, with bell sleeves leading the pack. Choose lengths from subtle to dramatic as you wear your fashion instinct on your sleeves!

4. Multiple Earrings (+255%)
Layering hype is not confined to just clothing. Stack your earrings or feel free to mix and match, and glamorize your ears with multiple piercings.

5. Backless Shoes (+240%)
Forget about socks and shoelaces — backless shoes are here to stay. This carefree style gets you ready in no time and allows your foot to breathe. And there’s more to it than the typical mules. Think backless sneakers, slides and even stilettos!

6. High Necklines (+157%)
Necklines are going higher! In addition to offering layering possibilities, a higher neckline makes you look slimmer and more sophisticated when worn the right way. And of course, it keeps your neck warm!

7. Pajama Dressing (+128%)
Thanks to the athleisure trend, slip dresses and pajamas in luxurious fabrics are now worn on streets in broad daylight, or even brought under the limelight during formal occasions.

8. Custom Denim (+118%)
Frayed, dip-back, distressed, whiskered or faded – own your trusty denims by making them unique! There’s also a rise in light-hued, high-waist and cropped styles.

9. 80s Style (+87%)
Say yes to vintage tees, high-rise and peg-leg jeans, denim skirts, high tops, white trainers and backpacks. Because the 80s are coming back in style.

10. Khaki (+80%)
Neutrals like khaki and nude take center stage to offset typically darker winter clothing.