You can’t imagine how proud I am seeing this video. Obviously I experienced this same feeling a few days back, while I was looking at my two cute babies walking down the Bonpoint runway for the second time, but being away from home – in Palm Spring for a press trip, which I can’t complain about – the feeling get EXTRA.

First of all, to all of the kids in the show; you guys are so brave to walk towards that photo pit, then NOT forget to take a left, walk around that pillar in the middle of the catwalk, and make your way – all the way – back! And while doing it, not forgetting to look at your cutest. I guess the latter comes natural to all of them, because boy oh boy, are these kids not insanely cute! Then the dynamics between all these angel-faces is just hilarious! Some of them would walk slowly but steady, knowing exactly where to go, then there’s a few who storm out of the backstage area – like my girl Stella – and literally soak up smiling EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it. Then there’s always one very small one, who is not sure what he or she is doing there, and often decides half way to just go back. Obviously this results in show venue full of ohs and ahs, people just can’t stop smiling of happiness, because THIS IS the happiest show they will ever go to.

Now while you’re able to enjoy the show for as many times as you want, I’m going to soak up some Californian sunshine, while working on my round up pieces with all my favorite looks from the Bonpoint Fall-Winter 2018 show! Enjoy!