Redoux NYC: A New Star in the Beauty Brand Space

When her skincare line began to pop-up on internet ‘best’ and ‘gift’ lists, as well as in the hands of Rosey Huntington-Whiteley who, via her YouTube channel, recommended the brand’s Turmeric Botanical Bar, Redoux NYC founder Asia Grant knew it was time to quit her day job. The former marketing consultant started Redoux merely as a passion project, never intending that the line of wonderfully scented soaps and serums would one day require her full attention. But success has a way of altering one’s plans.  

The brainchild of Grant and her college friend Alejandro Cuevas, Redoux was created as a means for the two to stay connected amidst busy lives. “We were concerned that our compounding professional careers would wear away at our friendship, so we devised a project that would keep our contact going,” says Grant. The duo shared a love for both skincare and memory-eliciting scent such as summertime bee venom masks, the quintessential morning green tea cleanser, the delicate but indispensable black orchid extract, and even the nostalgic coffee scent from their college breakfasts.

Their project ended up as Redoux, a line of natural ingredient skincare products made by hand and scented with botanical oils, the aromas of which were inspired by their shared experiences via food, art, conversation, and cultural histories. The current product line includes the Huntington-Whiteley endorsed Turmeric Botanical Bar, Borage Ginseng Active Serum, Moringa Mallow Energy Balm, and the 529 Candle, each scented with a spicy, citrus fragrance inspired by summertime in New York City. “It smells like late balmy nights and joyful mischief,” says Grant. JustLuxe was fortunate to catch the busy beauty brand founder for a brief interview:

Tell us about more about your products; what is Redoux primarily known for?

The Borage Ginseng Active Serum and Moringa Mallow Energy Balm are both oil-based moisturizers, with formulations focused on soothing, calming, and hydrating the skin. The Serum is the perfect option for those seeking lasting, lightweight hydration, while the balm provides a deeper, more nourishing level of moisture. We are primarily known for our Turmeric Botanical Bar, a brightening detox bar formulated with shea, safflower, and castor oils and supplemented by turmeric and rose clay. We’ve sold out of it more than ten times over the course of four months and have since scaled our production to handle demand. Our customers love them because they feel great, smell great, and are a perfect gift for friends. 

What is the profile of a Redoux customer?

The Redoux customer is, at their core, a pragmatist. They value quality, thoughtfulness, and good design. They purchase based on their values and enjoy knowing the process and intentions behind each of the products. They love introducing elements into their lives that adds a layer of richness and joy to their daily rituals, like great food, wines, and art. And above all, they love scent and how they are affected by it. We at Redoux strive to strike the balance between elevated, approachable, and accessible. We believe this desire for enriching the quality of life through experiences is something of which we all are in search, and deserve to find, regardless of gender, age group, or socioeconomic standing. Because of this emphasis, we have found that men and women are equally interested in our products because the products are simple and tell a story that resonates.  

What is your favorite product in your line and why should everyone have it?

My forever favorite product is the Turmeric Botanical Bar. It’s highly utilitarian, yet elevated due to the scent and formulation. Most bar soaps are made with synthetics and detergents, which tend to leave a residue on the skin, but since the Turmeric Botanical Bar is made with natural oils it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and moisturized. The scent softly lingers on the skin after leaving the shower and leaves the bathroom fragranced as well, making the post shower routine serene and enjoyable. I think everyone should have it because it’s something that is luxurious that you can feel good about using every day. 

Where can Redoux products be purchased? 

Purchases can be made from our online store or from one of our retail partners that share our company values. In New York, we can be found at The Break, Sincerely, Tommy, and Ethel’s Club. On the west coast, Shop Good in San Diego and LCD in Los Angeles.

Your company is based in New York City; what inspires you about the ‘city that never sleeps?’

What I love about New York is its abundance. There is never a dearth of interesting people, amazing food, inspiring events, new ideas, or opportunities to pursue. This city gives you more than you could ever ask for, and all you must do is seize what is presented to you. You can accidently move two blocks away from someone you met while studying abroad, run into them on the street, then end up working on a side hustle together (something that has happened to me twice). You can change the course of your life in New York in an afternoon if you want. Of course, with so much going on, you can feel like you’re experiencing whiplash while you are trying to cut through the noise. But at the end of the day, it is that chaos that makes life in New York so rewarding.

Photos courtesy of Asia Grant

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