Saint Laurent SS 2017: Vaccarello Channels Yves

Anthony Vaccarello’s highly anticipated debut collection for Saint Laurent arrived at Paris Fashion Week. The Belgian designer continued on the glam and grunge chic sartorial path of his predecessor Hedi Slimane, while adding a sleek and sexy flair. In other words, bid au revoir to the thigh-high slits, and say hello to super-short skirts.

Black leather was the dominant element in the collection, appearing in all kinds of pieces, from extreme mini skirts to bomber jackets; from slinky coats to sheer tops and to a mono boob dress prone to overexposure. The late Yves adored black, but Vaccarello clearly venerates it. Only several denim, lame, silver, and white elements serve as a break from the monochromatic magnificence.

However, the pair of black stilettos with YSL initials as the heels, was the ultimate attention stealer. YSL’s trademark “smoking” jacket was also referenced in a knowing homage to the singer Grace Jones, a huge fan of the house’s founder.

The collection was well commended by the front row audience, which included singer Jane Birkin and her actress daughters, and late Saint Laurent’s partner Pierre Berge. He later told reporters that he “really liked the references” to the style of Yves himself, “the codes, the vocabulary and the syntax… after that you can do what you want.”

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