Sharon Stone Carries Alexander McQueen on the Set of Her New Show

Sharon Stone Alexander McQueen Heroine Zip Tote-1

Sharon Stone is FINALLY making the leap to cable TV! (Can you believe she’s avoided it for this long?) Here’s Sharon wrapping up a day of filming for TNT’s Agent X in Vancouver. Sharon is carrying a black Alexander McQueen Heroine Zip Tote, which makes perfect sense because she’s playing America’s first female Vice President – a bag called Heroine seems like an obvious choice, even though powerful women in politics sometimes catch flack for carrying expensive bags. You can get Sharon’s stylish Alexander Mcqueen Dallas bag for $2,085 at Neiman Marcus.

Amanda and I’ve got to chatting about it via Gchat, and here is what we needed to say. Share your ideas with us at the comments below! We’ve got a very remarkable line-up of handbag choices this week by a much broader variety of labels (and celebrities) than usual. I am always excited when these roundups aren’t totally dominated by the exact same few brands as always: Givenchy, Hermès and Chanel. Admittedly, there are a couple of Chanel bags in here, but they’re more interesting than your run of the mill fla[s. (Has anything Chanel ever been described as “run of the mill?” FIRST. This tote just made its debut in December in Alexander McQueen’s Resort 2015 collection, and you can discover more about it in Megs’ first write-up. Things are somewhat quiet on the Alexander McQueen handbag leading last year. Other than the Heroine, McQueen has not had a bag which we’ve covered much in the past year and a half, that is important when you consider that few years back, it had hit after hit.

Sharon might also be carrying a Miu Miu bag in the same hand in a couple of these photos, but we can’t get a good enough look at her second bag to give it a proper ID. Sharon Stone fans: be aware that Agent X is the working title for this show – I noticed it shares its title with an obscure (and completely unrelated) Marvel comic book series, and I can’t imagine Marvel will just let that slide. If you love TV bag-watching and highly charged political dramas, do check out Amanda’s study of Scandal’s Olivia Pope and her handbag habits.

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Sharon Stone Alexander McQueen Heroine Zip Tote-1

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