Shiseido Deluxe Night Cream (S) Review

The YS Beauty Lab



The YS Beauty Lab

I used to associate night creams with women of a certain age. However, thanks to my search for solutions to adult acne, I now realize that you’re never too young to start an anti-aging regimen. Thank goodness I started using sunscreen in my 20s!

The Shiseido Deluxe Night Cream (S) comes in a small 50 gram jar with an elegant design on the lid. With a little research, I found out that this night cream (it comes in fresh and rich versions for oily and normal skin types, respectively) is primarily available in Japan, which makes me grateful that our Beauty department knows a thing or three about sourcing products.

Note the lovely detail on the lid.

But because the cream is exclusive to Japan, it was a little more difficult to find out about its ingredients. Fortunately, someone translated them into Japanese over at COSDNA. I simply added the English translations based on COSDNA’s own database. Check it below or click the image for the link.

For those who have sensitive skin, this product uses palm oils and parabens, which score anywhere between 2 and 7 in the COSDNA database for acne and irritant triggers. If you’re allergic or your skin is reactive to such ingredients, it may be better to find a milder, more skin-friendly alternative.

Text in Japanese on the bottom of the jar.

I found the cream neither too thick nor too watery, and with a subtle refreshing scent that resembles baby powder. A patch test on my arm revealed that the cream itself sits on skin for a few minutes and is absorbed later on. However, since it’s still rather humid in Hong Kong, I make sure to just dot the cream on my face, clock-style, so my skin doesn’t go into sebum over-drive.

I honestly don’t know whether this product has any anti-aging benefits, but it does have glycerin, butylene glycol and dipropylene glycol which are found in most moisturizers. On days when the humidity is low, this cream is a nice treat. The scent is quite relaxing, and I go to bed lulled by the baby powder fragrance most nights.

For its US $12.26 price, I find this small jar to be a good buy, especially for those who suffer from dry skin and don’t mind scented products. Just make sure to always do a patch test!