Shoes, Bags and Accessories to Invest In This Fall



Previously, I’ve mentioned retro silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and menswear-inspired pieces as the key trends for fall womenswear. Now comes the next step: To complete the look with matching shoes, bags and accessories. Check out the list below to see if any of these items strikes a chord!

Ankle boots, furry loafers, socks over heels

I can’t remember a winter without ankle boots. Warm, easy to put on and versatile by nature, they deserve to be a staple in anyone’s shoe cabinet. Tapping into the luxurious fabric trend, this year’s ankle boots are not only available in faux suede and leather, but also velvet, horse hair and with knit paneling. The love for comfortable but luxurious materials also accounts for the continued popularity of furry loafers and mules.

Meanwhile, we’ve developed a fascination with heels. Golden, gold-tipped or trapezoidal block heels draw attention to the sexiest part of the shoes. There’s even this socks-over-heels craze initiated by Kanye West’s Yeezy boots and spread by sisters-in-law Kendall and Kylie Jenner. People immediately invented DIY versions of the style by piercing their long socks with stiletto heels, then pulling the socks up to cover the shoes (Yes, it’s as simple as that!)

Heels with cutout designs such as slingbacks and ankle straps can easily be merged with your socks for an avant-garde look. Whether you like it or not, extending the territory of your heels with your socks is going to be the next big thing.

Cross-body mini bags, hoop accent, drawcord pouches

When I say cross-body mini bags, it’s actually two trends combined: cross-body and small-sized. Whatever was popular last year now comes in cross-body and/or mini versions. Bucket, saddle, boxy – you name it.

Mini bags aren’t my type but luckily I’ve discovered a second trend: a single hoop accent. Securing a prominent position as a flap buckle or the top handle, the metallic hoop gives a futuristic mood and focus to any of your favorite bag silhouettes.

In contrast to embellished or fancy-shaped hard-case clutches (e.g., book clutches), this year we see drawcord pouches rising in popularity. The slouchy design is soft to touch and drapes alluringly. Just make sure it’s made from luxurious fabrics so it won’t look like a potato sack.

Shoe lace and fabric chokers, knuckle rings

Chokers, chokers and more chokers. I’ve never expected the trend to linger for such a long time. Following metal, faux suede, elastic and layered versions, we’re seeing more fabric, embroidered and personalized chokers. Bella Hadid pulled off that trend with a choker embossed with her own name, and so did Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Hoop accents and grommets are all the rage now so you might want to try those with a hoop at the center. There are a lot of choker tops at YesStyle that combine a top and a tonal fabric choker. Feel free to explore!

For those who prefer slender to wide chokers, there’s an easy way out – simply tie your shoelace into a bow at your neck! You can even add charms to it. Alternatively, get a shoelace-inspired choker at YesStyle, which often comes with metallic aglets or charms on the tips.

Cocktail rings are phenomenal but they may not be the most comfortable to wear. Instead of weighing on a single finger, fashionistas are now spreading the glam all over the hands with slender ring sets and knuckle rings. You might regret having just ten fingers!