Stars in White Skin Always Love Green Crystal Clutch

Introduction of Marchesa

Marchesa is a rising British brand founded in 2004. The brand name comes from a last centre Italia aristocratic lady, Marchesa, who like walking with a leopard and wearing a snake as necklace. We can easily realize the alternative luxury style from the woman’s unique interests. Marchesa products are loved by many stars despite it is a new brand. All kinds of red carpets activities contribute the brand to be famous soon.

Marchesa Crystal and Stone Clutch

The star in the picture is Michelle Trachtenberg whose dress also comes from Notte by Marchesa.

Models Introduction

Snow white skin is perfect in any case. Royal blue dress and green crystal clutch are picky for skin. But Michelle Trachtenberg holds them easily. It is a complicate thing that blue and green colors appear at the same time. It is easy to be low-end if you can’t hold them well. The clutch is not out of Marchesa’s common design and it is similar to other Marchesa clutch.