TAG Heuer Adds 42mm Size Model to Connected Series

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TAG Heuer adds a 42mm size model to its Connected Watch collection while enhancing the technology and feature set of its existing 45mm model. The new size answers requests for a slimmer, compact version of its smartwatch, which the watchmaker debuted in 2015.

The new TAG Heuer Connected, pictured in new 42mm size.

The new 42mm model offers not only a thinner case but also a clearly dressier profile with its ergonomic steel pushers, a thin bezel below its sapphire crystal, and a fully integrated bracelet.

With its ceramic bezel, the upgraded 45mm model is still quite sporty and offers a larger crown for easier access to all adjustments. In addition TAG Heuer has added a slight bit of pressure to the pushers to mimic the feel of pushers on a mechanical watch.

For both Connected Watch sizes TAG Heuer now includes a new animated display called Riverside that conveys a futuristic effect of time elapsing. A new Wellness face offers information on the wearer’s exercise regimen directly on the home screen. This data might include, for instance, a heart rate and the wearer’s daily steps.

TAG Heuer Connected, 45mm size.

Among the new health applications, TAG Heuer highlights an all-new guided workout regimen, which consists of programmed exercises with pre-set lengths. When users finish their exercise, the watch vibrates to indicate that it is time to move on to the next one. TAG Heuer is offering the new sports app on the new 45mm model and the 42mm model, as well as the previous generation of Connected watches.

Throughout the collection TAG, Heuer has also added new digital features, including the latest sports news, weather, wellness, and calendar data delivered directly to the face. Look for a wide range of new watch faces as well, including reinterpretations of existing Connected designs.

Other upgrades to this new generation Connected Watch include: A thirty-percent longer battery life (on the new 45mm model), faster data sync with Bluetooth 5.0., and an altimeter that works alongside the watch’s accelerometer, heart rate monitor, compass, and GPS.

TAG Heuer runs its new generation Connected Watch runs on Wear OS by Google. At launch, the watch will run on Wear OS 2. Users will have the option to upgrade to Wear OS 3 at no extra cost when the update becomes available.

And finally, TAG Heuer has developed a new charger that doubles as a watch display stand. It becomes a nightstand that will display the time.

The new generation TAG Heuer Connected Watch will go on sale on March 10 in select stores worldwide and at www.tagheuer.com.

Prices:$1,800 (42mm), $2,550 (full titanium 45mm version), $2,050 (45mm with rubber strap) and $2,250 (45mm with bracelet).

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