The Best Evening Gowns for Your Wedding Reception



Weddings are one of the most important days of your life so you definitely want to look your best! The following dresses are designed to turn heads at your wedding reception. Expect a lot of off-shoulders styles, a few V-necks and high-necks, plenty of A-lines, mermaid silhouettes, plus a sprinkle of romantic sequins and florals in your favorite colors.

Pink Florals

Rose Quartz and Serenity (soft blue) were Pantone’s Colors of the Year last year, and the love for these two hues has clearly persisted in the wedding industry. These gowns are for those who wish to look sweet and gentle. Thanks to the flattering colors and intricate floral embroidery, you can even wear them as a wedding gown!

Something Blue

When you think about it, blue really is the color for princesses. Just look at Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the Blue Fairy and Elsa from Disney – they all have an iconic dress in this color! You’ll only need a simple, off-shoulder, A-line cut to bring out the best of blue. You can even create an off-shoulder neckline by tying a sash around your shoulders and cinching it into a bow at the back to resemble wings, which should amp up the fairytale magic.

Midnight Clear

Set the mood of an evening reception with these elegant midnight blue gowns. I have included some elbow-sleeved, off-shoulder designs again which are especially flattering for busty or plus-size brides.

Bodacious with Black

Black is a bit tricky. Despite all its advantages (classy, easy to match and slimming), the color can be too common and you can be lost in the crowd if not properly accessorized. The key to wearing a black evening gown is to go bold with the silhouette, some embellishments or the fabric itself. Black is associated with sexiness so you might want to try out sheer or bare-back designs.

Romantic Ruffles

For maximum volume, wear these dramatically ruffled gowns. The frills accentuate the bust or hips to make the waist look slimmer. The red gown below boasts a waterfall hemline well balanced by the off-shoulder cut, while the white one makes you look like a mermaid emerging from the waves. Of course, you can’t miss the ombré one for all that edginess.

Stunning Sequins

Last but not least, here is the easiest way to make a splash – with sequins, that is. The starry gown below looks good on anyone, while the other two require an hourglass body shape but will definitely steal the show.