The Best Jewelry for Valentine’s Day



It’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day is coming in two weeks! While guys are panicking about what to give their significant others, girls want to look their best and are scouting for the most alluring outfits. Check this list for creative jewelry that will serve as either a gift (for guys), or a fashion item to make you look even more glamorous on that special day!

Threader Earrings

No doubt minimalist jewelry is in trend now, and threader earrings tick all the right boxes. Thanks to the chain design of these pieces, a single rhinestone, pearl or hoop is enough to catch anyone’s attention as it swings and sways over your shoulders.


Planetary adventures continue to inspire jewelry designs. From the sun and the moon to the entire galaxy, the focus has shifted a bit to astrology. Show your zodiac sign by wearing a pendant necklace or hair pin, and match yours with his!

Heart Motif

What’s more heart-melting than a heart motif on Valentine’s Day? Go trendy with chokers, classy with a hollow heart pendant, or sassy with red-enameled, suede or textured hearts.


Cute animals never fail to charm! Instead of showing just a claw or a tail, animal-themed jewelry has grown bolder these days. Cocktail ring designs that portray the entire animal in detail are becoming more popular. Meanwhile, you can choose to create a conversation with a cat and a fish, rabbits and turtles, etc.