The Trendiest Sneakers to Own Right Now



Valentine’s Day is in just a few days and I hope you’re sartorially prepared! To celebrate romance and also prepare for spring, major sneaker and fashion brands recently launched a number of sneakers in soft pink and rose gold. Sporty or preppy, these sneakers feature a cocktail of materials ranging from suede and satin to wool and mesh, or are finished with an allover metallic sheen. Unleash your girly side and succumb to their beauty!

From left to right, top to bottom: 1-4: Adidas; 5-8: Nike; 9-10: Puma; 11-12: Vans; 13: ASOS; 14: Superga; 15: New Balance; 16: Steve Madden

Photos: POPBEE


Rose gold, baby pink and dusty pink are definitely choice colors if you’re purchasing a pair of new kicks. Taking their cue from the nude shoes trend, pink sneakers match with almost every skin tone and outfit thanks to their easy-going color. If you want something more dramatic, try bubblegum or shocking pink.


A pair of embroidered sneakers can be costly, so how about getting them in floral print instead? Embellishments like lace insets, appliques or a thicker shoe lace also help add a feminine mood to your kicks.

Atypical Material

We all know that velvet is the “it” material this winter. Though it’s too soft and delicate to be used on sneakers, brands have quickly found a substitute: satin! A rose gold satin finish gives sneakers the look of ballet shoes, while still maintaining their function and durability as sportswear. Also rising in popularity are chrome finishes and the marriage of high-performance materials like mesh, rubber and elastics with more fashionable ones like wool, satin and suede.


As I’ve mentioned before, satiny, pearlescent or mirrored finishes make your kicks all the more covetable. Shine bright!