Valentino Rockstud Bag: So Over it or Still Like it?

Valentino Rockstud Bag: So Over it or Still Like it?

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Valentino Rockstud Bag: So Over it or Still Like it?
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Let me leave you with a long overdue bag review– albeit not a glowing one sorry haha but I must get this off my system*

The new Valentino Rockstud bag in pebbled leather with gunmetal + turquoise studs:

To tell you the truth, I have already been on the fence about the Valentino Rockstud collection– don’t get me wrong. I used to love (operative word: used to) those Rockstud flats especially when I personally saw it on Alexa Chung years ago at the Chloe show in Paris. But that was years ago. Four or even five years ago. I think the look has been so bastardized since then. The rockstuds replaced the YSL tributes (don’t get me started on that please and yes I hear they are comfy but sorry imho they’re ugly) and for a time, I would see ladies posting group shoefies on instagram of their identical shoes (in a circle, like a pie). It was fun at first but when overdone, it just makes you realize that it all is so Stepford– every woman at the same event wearing the same shoes. I want to celebrate individuality *hahaha this after having previously succumbed to the society Stepford mold myself– in the past lol*.

I can still tolerate the shoes, and there are actually some color combinations that are quite cute. But dang they are just way too overpriced. I loved an espadrille wedge version but there was just no way I would fork over $700+ for those. Seriously, no way. And now Valentino came out with something like this. This black pebbled leather bag with the turquoise and gunmetal rockstud combination is absolutely ghastly. It looks so cheap, a far cry from how a €1850 is supposed to look! *The larger versions cost €2000 up*

Seriously Valentino, I think it’s time to stop OVERcapitalizing on the Rockstud’s popularity. So much so that you no longer have any more combinations that would make the collection look tasteful. This is just plain ugly. I wouldn’t have minded paying €50 for this bag but to charge €2000 for it? No thanks. I’m quite positive that I’d be able to get a bag that looks like this and is priced waaaay cheaper at H&M. This bag is too trendy and I think pebbled leather with the rockstud combination cheapened the total look. Believe me peeps, the photo of the bags look better than in person and up close.

Anyway, enough bag bitching and violent reactions which stemmed from this bag– for now lol. But gosh each time I see the photo of this bag on my phone, it just makes me want to hurl expletives because of its look and astronomical asking price. Sorry Valentino. I know I am not your client or market (thank goodness lol) but this bugly bag is just asking for verbal slaughter lol That and am officially over the Rockstuds.