We Are Doubling Down on the Brand-New Prada Bag

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We Are Doubling Down on the Brand-New Prada Bag

The piece: Prada Double Bag

The price: $2,650

Why we want it: There’s not much that will take our laser focus off New York Fashion Week, but an alert that Prada launched a completely new bag shape caused us to stop and take notice. So, what’s different about the new Prada Double? It’s exactly what we’d want in a statement bag that we’ll take with us everywhere, every day: it’s substantial yet lightweight, and that internal divider is key to keeping contents organized. Plus, the minimal construction — hand-covered buttons and a new metal name plaque are the only additions — makes it timeless, so we can bring it in and out of our closets for years to come.

The only hard part is deciding on a color. The new tote’s leather exterior and nappa interior come in tone-on-tone and contrasting palettes, but the colors themselves run the gamut. Should we go with basic black, bold blue, or a luxe caramel? See them all below, and then help us decide.

Photo courtesy of Prada