What To Wear to a Party When It’s Freezing



It’s cold outside and you have to attend a party, so what do you wear? Despite the yearning to show up looking stylish and sophisticated this time of the year, it just isn’t worth catching a cold or freezing your *bleep* off in midriff-baring tops or mini skirts. Luckily, there are still plenty of fashionable choices for cold weather! Let’s get warm and festive!

Opulent textures

Texture is the name of the game this season. I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of velvet from the major fast-fashion brands. Therefore, the easiest way to show that you’re up for the cold will be to wear anything velvet – be it a top, jumper dress, shoes or clutch. Having said that, it’s okay if you’re really not into the material. There are still a handful of opulent wintry fabrics as your options – from shearling, leather, suede and corduroy to fur, down, horse hair, mohair, cashmere and silk. Add an element of jacquard or embroidery, and you have an outfit worthy of a queen.

When in doubt, wear red

There are three times in the year when wearing red doesn’t seem like too much: Halloween, Christmas and Lunar New Year (for the Chinese, at least). However, you’re not playing Santa, so please limit your red items to just one or, at most, two. It can be a red coat, dress, shoes, nails OR lipstick. Whichever part of your body you want to draw attention to, dress it up in red! Pieces like coats, shoes and bags may be removed once you get indoors, so these are good choices if you wish to make a bold entrance but remain modest for the rest of the night.

Show your curves

Don’t drown yourself in thick fabrics and slouchy cuts! Wear rib-knit turtlenecks, longline vests, pencil skirts, slimming leggings and sleek heels so that you can look tall and slender. For me, thermal wear is always the savior for outdoor events when temps drop. But if it’s indoors, chances are it’ll be warmer or at least heated so you can get out of your dramatic coat once you enter, wearing only a sexy halter or off-shoulder mini dress plus simple tights.

Beanies, scarves and gloves, but not too much

Beanies, scarves, gloves and leg warmers are all meant to keep your peripherals warm. They bring a focus to your outfit while saving you the trouble of wearing accessories. However they’re also largely meant to be taken off when indoors (it’s okay to keep the leg warmers). Wear only two among the four so you won’t overwhelm your limbs.