Why hasn’t Burberry’s ready-to-wear success translated to better bags?

Anyways, due to all those reasons and more I will personally NEVER be able to justify purchasing an authentic Burberry handbag, or anything else for that matter! Personally, I purchased a stunning tote with the renowned Haymarket printing (for which Burberry really lost a signature suit for meaning anybody can use that checkered print they are renowned for — another negative because of their luxury picture) and am quite pleased with the replica tote I have purchased! The bag is much more than magnificent and if you peruse the images below you’ll definitely see why. The canvas weight of the tote is nice and heavy such as the authentic pieces (I really do have 1 authentic classic Burberry crossbody which was my mother’s and she handed it down to me, so I compared the burden of the two). The concluding will also be real leather indicating the bag is really a counter quality or superfake version instead of the lower quality of fakes which use plastic to finish off the trimmings to reduce costs. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below!Burberry has introduced a new DK88 bag collection at its runway show in London before in February, using a name that’s dedicated to the house code of its own trademark gabardine fabric. After its recent global launch, we can not help but noticed that everybody from celebrities to bloggers worldwide have been spotted wearing this new iconic bag. So what is so special about it? Scroll down to find out what we’ve found out so far.The DK88 comes with a luggage-inspired design and a timeless, sculptured silhouette that complements the remainder of the seasonal runway collection. It comes with a high grip and an oversize metal tone lock, which can be accompanied by an old-fashion looking key. There’s an internal pocket inside the bag that’s layout particularly for the key.

When I saw the Burberry Heart-Studded Satchel for the first time, I had the same internal monologue that I had while flipping through accessories pictures from the brand’s Spring 2011 runway show. It went something like, Really? That’s it? Christopher Bailey can do wonders with every other segment of the brand, but this is all that us handbag folks get?

Sadly, yes, this is all we get. Despite some accessory success several seasons ago and a few nice-yet-completely-unmemorable bags popping up every few months, Burberry’s handbag efforts have left much to be desired for some time now. I can only hope that the best is yet to come and that Bailey will throw us a bone of some sort in the near future. In the meantime, what in the world does he want us to do with this?

I just…I can’t. I can’t work with this. I’m not 12, I’m a grown woman, and I don’t want studded heart shapes covering anything on which I’m expected to spend $1500. I can get behind well-intention irreverence and I’m always up for a little bit of whimsy, perhaps even more so than the average Burberry customer, but this design reeks of immaturity.

I can barely think of anything articulate to say about this bag because the only thing that keeps popping into my head over and over every time I look at it is WTF. And that’s not particularly articulate or interesting, but it may indeed be an accurate and fair reaction. Burberry can do better than this with leather – just look at their Spring 2011 jackets – and I hope that someone in the company’s accessory department steps up to the plate soon. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1495.