10 Looks for When You Don’t Know What to Wear

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When it comes to laziness, admit it: We all have our moments. This list is for the lazy girl in you. If you’ve ever snoozed five alarms and stumbled out of bed at the last minute, I feel you. Waking up is rough enough, let alone getting dressed on time-pressed mornings. Nothing looks right, you don’t know what to wear, and you’re running out of time.

The key is not to overthink it. Instead of trying to channel your inner runway model, opt for hard-working basics that can serve as the basis of your entire outfit. Read on for more inspiration on pieces that make getting dressed easier and faster.

1. Red Rib-Knit Dress from NIPONJJUYA

Even lazy people like to mix things up from time to time! I’d allow myself one signature color to liven up the neutrals when the mood strike – and that shade is ruby red this time of the year! The soft ruching and fitted silhouette make this knit dress a flattering option that requires minimal styling, if any at all. Pairing with forest green is optional, but recommended.

2. Cable Knit Headband from Eva Fashion

My average scarf has been in use so much since the temps dropped, but when topping off a look effortlessly I strongly feel that there is a place for the bandana, too! That being said, it’s all about making maximum impact with minimum effort, so let’s stick to this more easy-going knit edition. Just know that you’re not only doing your outfit a favor with the slouchy accessory. Your hair and ears will benefit from it too!

3. Lace Bralette from della molla

The alluring lace bralette is my ultimate lazy girl layer. Just wear it with one of my many chunky and loose fitting cardigans and ripped jeans. However casual the rest of the outfit is, when the strap or whole bralette is showing, it’ll look well put together and not at all sloppy!

4. Pom Pom Beanie from Kalamate

The nonchalant knit beanie isn’t new, but undoubtedly remains a quick and practical piece to top off cozy looks. They are so easy to wear and can be styled with just about anything. I love the fluffy pom pom on this one, which is perfect for taking me seamlessly from mountain slopes to city streets.

5. Waffle Knit Dress from GOROKE

“Easy on, easy off” is the mantra for lazy dressing. Avoid buttons, zippers, hooks, straps and complicated details – go for this trusty knit dress instead. With minimum effort, you can already look polished, professional and put together.

6. Graphic Sweatshirt from DABAGIRL

Just like a fancy skirt can take sweatshirts into eveningwear territory, a fancy sweatshirt like this appliqued bubblegum-hued version can bring your sequined midi skirt into the realm of daywear. It is one laidback, high-impact look with plenty of bite!

7. Tweed Shift Dress from Seoul Fashion

Sometimes you just want to get a work uniform and be done with it. A simple shift dress is the easiest thing for these moments. It’s appropriate for most work environments, sleek and tailored, and requires no accessorizing. Buy multiple, including this monochrome darling.

8. Stripes Pants from Aurora

I imagine many are like me, and have a hard time letting the lazy girl go. If I go out in full-on loungewear, I’d be going from comfy to sloppy and I wouldn’t want that. A simple print and vibrant colors can liven up your loungewear, like these chunky-striped pants that go with anything!

9. Off-Shoulder Wrap Top from Wild Ivy

Showing a little extra skin is a good trick to avoid looking frumpy in loose clothing. This flattering wrap top looks so effortless, and is especially perfect when paired with comfy wide leg pants.

10. Matching Loungewear Set from PIPPIN

There is nothing wrong with matching! Actually, matching tops and bottoms take the guesswork out of layering (and even getting dressed) and are great for when you’ve “nothing to wear”. This sweatshirt set is pulled together with minimal effort, and works for both weekend outings and days spent inside.