2017 Beauty Trends from Pinterest

The YS Beauty Lab



The YS Beauty Lab

Like fashion, beauty also has its own trends, channeled not only by celebrities but also by you and me. Though there are trends that may not work well for you, it’s wise to know what everyone’s talking about. I know that feeling when a trend kicks in – it’s simply hard to resist, especially when it’s something you’ve never seen before.

I previously listed the top trends in women’s fashion based on the latest Pinterest 100 report. This time, I’ll show you what pinners are now crazy about, beauty-wise. Just like in my previous article, the percentage in brackets shows each trend’s year-on-year increase in interest according to the report. Be prepared for new shopping sprees!

Leftmost photos: Pinterest

1. Chrome Nails (+570%)
Goodbye coffin nails, and hello mirrored manis! The chrome nail trend takes it one step further by making your nails so shiny that you can actually see your own reflection. For this you’ll need to get a special powder and buff it onto your nails, but nail stickers or a high-shine varnish over gel nails can achieve a similar effect.

2. Charcoal Masks (+333%)
There was an influx of charcoal toothpastes, facial masks, face washes, sponges and puffs on YesStyle last year, many of which became (and still are) bestsellers. Thanks to its huge surface area, activated carbon reacts extensively with dirt and oil on the face for a thorough cleanse.

3. Microblading (+255%)
Microblading is the new way to get semi-permanent and natural-looking brows, and replaces the usual threading method. The process involves 2 to 3 hours of “tattooing” on the brows. Numbing cream and liquid anesthetic can be used so it doesn’t have to be painful. There is no down time but you’ll need a month for the color to set in, which can then last a few years. But if you want something less permanent, try one of those peel-off tattoo eyebrow liners that are so popular now. Simply apply overnight and it can last up to a week.

4. Ash Blonde Ombre (+240%)
Combining three major color trends (ash, blonde and ombre), this hair color is not as bold as the unicorn or pink-and-platinum dye but just as chic and pretty. You can even go gradually from brunette to blonde or vice versa, using ash as the transition color. That means you can still keep your natural hair color at the roots and re-dye less!

5. Cut Crease (+138%)
Contour your eyes by forming a trompe-l’oeil crease on your lids. First and foremost, you’ll need a fine eyeliner. Draw the crease over your lids with the eyeliner and blend it outwards with a brush. Add eye shadow over the blended area. Finish with cat eye liner and falsies.

6. Braided Top Knot (+125%)
Braided top knots have won over crown braids in terms of popularity. The fuss-free and failsafe hairstyle is a modification to the wide-spread top knot trend.

7. No-Heat Hairstyles (+35%)
Give your hair a break from blow-drying, straightening and perming by embracing its natural look. However, that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your hair’s needs. You still have to maintain its health, shine, smoothness and bounciness with shampoos, conditioners and hair oils.

8. Lip & Cheek Stains (+33%)
Multi-purpose beauty products offer convenience for us urban dwellers. Lip and cheek tints are not only easy to use, but also tap into the uni-color, barely-there makeup trend.

9. Jojoba Oil (+30%)
Jojoba oil can be used to remove makeup, regulate sebum, cleanse clogged pores, plus soften, moisturize and nourish skin and hair without making them feel sticky or oily. What’s not to love?

10. Head Scarves (+25%)
Having a bad hair day? Just bundle up your locks with a head scarf or wrap!