5 Super Easy and Simple Skin Care Hacks

The YS Beauty Lab



The YS Beauty Lab

While it still feels like summer here in Hong Kong (even though we’re halfway through November), I know that winter is coming (cue theme music) and I have to make sure my skin is ready for the colder, drier season.

My first instinct of course, was to buy, buy, buy! But after looking at the stash I have in my bathroom (my friend said I have the equivalent of a small shop’s inventory), I realized I don’t have to fork out money just yet. I’ve been using the following tricks for years and hey, they really do work!

So I’m sharing these tips so you can save some extra time and cash that can go towards your next beauty haul at — where else — YesStyle!

1. Get soft, smooth feet overnight

During winter, you certainly don’t want to be padding around your house with your bare feet encased in paper socks filled with a liquid peeling gel, and then having layers of dead skin accumulate around you. When I want my feet to be smooth and soft again, I slather them with good ol’ Vaseline petroleum jelly and wear two pairs of tube socks overnight. This isn’t exactly a secret but it’s a proven remedy to soften your feet as you sleep!

What you need:

Old-style, all-cotton tube socks are best because they help skin absorb the petroleum jelly better.

2. Depuff eyes in 2 minutes

If you have any of those small reusable ice packs lying around in your freezer or kitchen cupboard, use them! I keep two in a Ziploc bag just inside the door of my freezer so I can just grab them with my eyes closed in the morning. I wrap a slightly damp, clean washcloth around the plastic bag and place it under my eyes for 2 minutes each. By the time my kettle finishes boiling water, my eyes are significantly less puffy and I look more human.

What you need:

Reusable ice packs are less messy and a lot easier to bring along in case you need a little more de-puffing.

3. Baby oil as an after-shower moisturizer

I’m not a fan of thick, heavily scented body creams and body butters. At the most, I will only use them on my elbows, knees and the tops of my feet. However, in winter, I prefer using baby oil as an instant after-shower moisturizer. The lite version of Johnson’s Baby Oil is my favorite because it doesn’t leave a greasy after-feel and my entire body stays soft and smooth all day.

What you need:

JOHNSON’S baby oil lite image: www.johnsonsbaby.com.ph
Aside from the lighter texture, most body oils I use are unscented.

4. Moisturizing overnight eye masks

Ever since my colleague Maureen wrote about how effective the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion was, I’ve always kept a bottle of both the Light and Rich version in my bathroom at all times. During winter time, I’d cover the under-eye area with cotton pads soaked with the Rich version to keep it moisturized even while sleeping. I wear a sleeping mask to bed and this helps to keep the cotton pads in place. While the gel eye masks are okay, they only cool or warm the skin and don’t really provide any hydration.

What you need:

This particular hack hasn’t failed me yet!

5. Instant moisturizing spray mist

I mentioned this before but if it’s colder where you are now, this will work for you. I decant some of the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, the Light version, into a small spray bottle and stash it in my bag. The Light version works better because it’s more watery and therefore easier to spray. Instant pick-me-up!

What you need:

Skin gets thirsty too so aside from drinking lots of water, give it a refreshing spritz.