6 Stylish Tops To Wear With Every Type of Skirt All Year Long


Skirts are a fun clothing piece and can take your outfit up a notch when styled correctly. Sometimes, finding the right top to pair with your skirt can be a challenge. Should you choose something oversized? Cropped? Long-sleeved? The possibilities are endless. Ultimately, you should decide on an outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Here are some ideas for stunning tops that match all types of skirts for women. Bookmark this list and add these to your wardrobe, so you never panic over putting together an outfit again.

1. Slim-Fit Tees

A slim-fit tee is a basic wardrobe essential that goes with pretty much every type of skirt. One of our favorite ways to wear a true-to-size, curve-hugging top is with a long, flowy skirt. Because the full length of your skirt adds volume to your bottom half, you should balance your shape by creating a slim silhouette with your top half.

Another classic way to rock the slim-fit tee is with an adorable mini skirt. During the daytime, choose a vibrant, solid color or fun pattern to add some playfulness to your outfit. For a nighttime look, choose a neutral-colored top and layer on some fun accessories. With a mini skirt that sits right on your waistline, any type of slim-fit t-shirt will perfectly accentuate your figure.

2. Babydoll Crop Tops

Another slim-fitting favorite of ours: cropped tops. A great way to create a unique, sexy look is to take a crop top designed with cut-outs and pair it with a fitted skirt. What’s wrong with showing a little skin? Your legs may be stealing attention in a fitted or mini skirt but, with a figure-hugging babydoll crop top, your entire outfit will be the star of the show. We love that a tiny top (which barely takes up dresser space) can immediately elevate any skirt.

3. Graphic Tees

Create a standout skirt outfit by matching a maxi skirt with a graphic tee. This is a casual way to dress down any skirt for a date or professional outing. A casual, laidback top is an easy way to simplify your look. Don’t know where to start with matching? Use a splash of color you find in the skirt to gauge what to look for with a top. Or, choose a neutral-colored skirt and let your top do the talking. Whatever combination you decide on, a graphic tee is a perfect way to add personality to an outfit. Wear your favorite band t-shirt, your favorite TV show, or simply a fun graphic tee design that you’re drawn to.

4. Flowy Tops

A flowy top is perfect for a fitted skirt look that needs some serious volume. There are so many directions to go with this outfit idea. You could choose a vintage top with vibrant ruffles or shoulder caps, or create a romantic look with softer colors and design. When fitted skirts for women already show off so much of your figure, a flowy top will give your waistline some flattering definition.


5.Boyfriend Shirt

If boho-chic flowy tops aren’t your thing, create the fitted look you desire with an oversized shirt slightly puffed out. This trendy, boyfriend look is a great excuse to steal your man’s button-up or even adventure into the men’s section at a store. If you’re worried the top you’ve chosen might have too much flow or be too oversized, a quick French tuck is a great tool to show off a bit of your waistline. Another way to give your outfit some much-needed texture is by tying the bottom of the shirt into a knot. Whether it’s to the side or on the front of your shirt, your tied top is a glamorous way to define your figure and remove any excess shirt that may be bulking up around your skirt. 


A camisole is one of our favorite ways to create a romantic look with a sexy, slitted skirt. A skirt with a slit has automatic sex appeal; balance it out with a simple, neutral top. We love how this type of top pairs perfectly with pleated skirts. Just pair with a cardigan layer and you’re serving professional elegance!

Feel Confident, Comfortable, & Cute

There are infinite ways to style any length skirt! The goal is to make sure you don’t get swallowed up by the articles of clothing you have on. Create a look that makes you feel good about the skin you’re in. Your style is perfectly unique, so no matter what you’ll look your best if you feel your best. 

Tess DiNapoli

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