Alexander McQueen debuts the Heroine Satchel

Other than the brand’s signature Skull Clutches, it’s been a while since Alexander McQueen made a splash with a handbag. Because of the sculptural nature of shoes, McQueen’s architectural, avant-garde aesthetic has always lent itself more easily to eye-catching footwear, and other than clutches, that’s been where most of the McQueen accessories creativity has gone over the few years, particularly since the death of the brand’s founder.

The brand can do a great day bag on occasion, though – remember the Novak, in all of its angular, tailored, mid-century glory? McQueen is returning to that feel for Fall 2012 with the Alexander McQueen Heroine Satchel, but is it a great bag, or just an average one?

How you answer that question probably depends largely on whether or not you like the fold-over flap that surrounds the bag’s front strap attachment. My gut reaction to it was contempt; not only does the flap interrupt the line of the handles, but it makes the contents of the bag impossible to access when it’s on your arm. On it’s face, not a great design move.

Then I started to think about other bags with not-dissimilar structural arrangements, like the Hermes Birkin, which also requires a bit of maneuvering to open while on the carrier’s arm, even if it doesn’t necessitate total removal like the Heroine apparently does. When I see women carrying Birkins around New York, though, I generally see them with the flap tucked inside and the top open, not only ready for functional use but also positioned for a more casual look. I could see the Heroine being carried the same way – with the top flap tucked, downplaying its somewhat formal look. I’m still not entirely convinced, though, as much as I like the multicolored python used in the top-of-the-line version. What do you think?

Alexander McQueen Leather Heroine Satchel, $2825 via Neiman Marcus

Alexander McQueen Python Heroine Satchel, $6395 via Neiman Marcus

Lady Gaga was a pal of the late, great Lee McQueen before his untimely passing, along with her song “Fashion of His Love” is a tribute to the designer. She remains a fervent McQueen enthusiast, also made headlines in 2012 when she paid over $130K to get a McQueen gown from Daphne Guinness’ personal collection at a charity auction; the most anyone has ever paid for any McQueen item.Before she had been a Dancing With the Stars castmate or a two-time Bravo reality star, Lisa Vanderpump (along with her husband Ken Todd) was simply a humble restauranteur…successful enough to reside in a palatial Beverly Hills mansion. Lisa is carrying out a metallic gold Alexander Mcqueen E Commerce Whipstitch Tote and wearing the Christian Louboutin Figurina Boots. Both of these designer goodies are no more accessible, however you can shop both Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin via Net-a-Porter. Lisa’s second Bravo series, Vanderpump Rules, is about to begin production on its next season — are you stoked? So far as I could tell, the popular consensus on this series amounts to: “MEH.” Ideas? Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio looked incredibly smart at her birthday party at Bagatelle Restaurant at LA a week. You’d hardly suspect that a mere two days lady, she’d be boho-ing up it at Coachella in a crop top and pink Daisy Dukes. If you feel like treating yourself to an early b-day present (or because it is Tuesday), this Sarah Burton-designed McQueen clutch is available for $1,895 at Neiman Marcus.