Alexander McQueen wins the clutch game yet again

Alexander McQueen Cathedral Skull Box Clutch, $2960 via Net-a-Porter

Longtime PurseBlog readers already know how I feel about Alexander McQueen‘s skull clutches. They’re easily my favorite line of evening bags ever, and the legacy of McQueen as a brand always manages to shine through in their design, even though a box clutch is an exceptionally tiny canvas. If I had unlimited income, I’d collect these bags, and I can’t say that about any other brand on the market right now.

And yet, we haven’t. The group in McQueen continues to churn out equally wonderful clothes and beautiful accessories at a rate that would surely satisfy the guy, were he around to oversee. Spring 2012 brings with it an impressive selection of box clutches from the new, and we have a few of our favorites to your perusal after the jump.The first Monday back in a vacation weekend is indeed, so cruel. It is like a tiny reminder of the immutability of life; regardless of what we do, the calendar marches on while we cling to our leftover turkey legs and half-eaten pumpkin pies, trying to expand the avarice a bit longer. It’s Monday now, however, meaning that it’s time to get gluttony of another kind. A handbag kind.To create your return to real life as soft and comfortable as possible, we’ve assembled a gallery of this Puma E Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2012 Skull Clutches, that are always so much fun to look at. They don’t taste like stuffing, true, but you probably don’t need another helping of that anyhow. (Seriously, however, pass me pie. I’ll eat it for breakfast.) We are readying a broader guide to sparkly little bags to the vacation season, but while that’s in the pipeline, I could not help but post about the Alexander McQueen Punk Skull Box Clutch — after all, it really deserves to stand by itself. Feathers and rhinestones and beads, oh my!With the tote, McQueen handles again to do what it always does so well — successfully unite multiple heavy design elements in a manner that doesn’t feel overwrought or silly. The business makes that sort of light touch appear easy, but it is not — as whoever’s behind Christian Louboutin’s handbags. A clutch similar to this one would be to be celebrated as something of an achievement.

Without question, the Alexander McQueen Cathedral Skull Box Clutch would be the crown jewel of that collection. If I were to carry it, the bag would serve as a tiny gilded cage for my belongings, but let’s face it – this is the kind of bag that I’d want to display instead of use.

I’ve has this bag in one of my browser tabs since it first appeared on Net-a-Porter on Friday, and I keep returning to stare at it, particularly with the site’s ultrazoom feature. The details of the clutch are absolutely exquisite, and they live up to the “cathedral” name – this is like a tiny purse church, and I’m here to worship. The only damper on my enthusiasm is that the bag is made of silver-toned brass instead of sterling silver, which we’ve seen Bottega Veneta use in the occasional box clutch. Even with that in mind, this little evening bag is pretty close to perfection Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2960.