Amber Heard has a McQueen Bag on One Arm and Johnny Depp on the Other

Amber Heard Alexander McQueen Heroine Python Tote-2

Here’s actress Amber Heard, leaving The Bowery Hotel in NYC with two of my favorites – her fiance Johnny Depp, and a beautiful, bright blue Alexander McQueen Heroine Python Tote. Strangely enough, Johnny seems to be carrying a bag as well – a manly metallic clutch, perhaps? We couldn’t find a single python version of the Heroine online, but you can get a regular leather version in “Ivory” at Neiman Marcus for $2,595.

This just in: Amber Heard is one year younger than me, and life really just isn’t fair. I know that dating A-listers and acquiring designer handbags go hand in hand, but really, what sort of Faustian deal has this woman made with the universe?! In other news, fresh reinventions of this tried-and-true McQueen design seems to be making a fair bit of traction with celebs lately – we just saw Elizabeth Banks with a lovely, patterned version of the bag last month.

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Amber Heard Alexander McQueen Heroine Python Tote-2

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Amber Heard Alexander McQueen Heroine Python Tote-4

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Amber Heard Alexander McQueen Heroine Python Tote-1

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Amber Heard Alexander Mcqueen Hoodie Heroine Python Tote-3

With his unique romantic creations, Alexander McQueen has become an icon of British fashion. Decisively stone, the Alexander McQueen brand utilizes luxurious materials and metallic details to formulate a structured and elegant layout each time. Highlighting the know-how and expertise of craftsmen, there are lots of versions of Alexander McQueen bags which balance between anti-conformism and traditions, always imbued with this gothic sensibility.Every Monday morning, I sit behind my computer to catch up on emails, navigate through my favourite online stores to spot new luggage and watch what I have on my schedule for the upcoming week. Usually, I immediately look over a bunch of bags, hoping one will catch my attention to talk about with you men, but sometimes what grabs my attention is a bag I simply don’t like. This was true when I stumbled upon a new Alexander McQueen luggage that have a new logo, featuring AMQ jumbled together on the center of this bag.Here’s the thing : I love Alexander McQueen bags. I loved his bags for years, and when McQueen passed off, the entire fashion world and outside felt a significant void. His luxuriously gothic aesthetic was easy to spot, and his bags constantly spoke to me and Amanda. This new logo is far too much: too many letters, too large, too in your face, and not what we’ve come to expect out of McQueen. I have always associated the skull with McQueen, which is still frequently used on the brand’s luggage, or occasionally, the brand’s title is simply stamped in gold. This new logo is just not great, and I really don’t think I will be alone in believing this.