Man Bag Monday: Alexander McQueen Full Grain Leather Holdall Bag

Of all the bags that we’ve seen translated from women’s signature styles into men’s briefs, duffels and weekenders, the Alexander Mcqueen Bracelet Heroine Satchel wasn’t one that I expected to ever find on that list. It seemed too curvy, too detailed to make the jump, the closure too cumbersome for the kinds of functional requirements men usually make of their bags. (Believe me, we’re willing to put up with a lot more than the dudes are.) And yet, here’s the Alexander McQueen Full-Grain Leather Holdall, proving me wrong.

Together with his unique romantic creations, Alexander McQueen is now an icon of British fashion. Decisively stone, the Alexander McQueen brand utilizes luxury metallic and materials details to invent a structured and elegant design every moment. Highlighting the know-how and expertise of craftsmen, there are many models of Alexander McQueen bags which balance between anti-conformism and customs, always imbued with this gothic sensibility.Every Monday morning, I sit down behind my computer to catch up on emails, browse through my favorite online shops to spot new bags and watch what I have in my schedule for the upcoming week. Typically, I quickly look over a bunch of bags, hoping one will catch my eye to share with you guys, but sometimes what catches my attention is a bag I simply do not like. This was true when I stumbled upon a new Alexander McQueen luggage which have a new logo, featuring AMQ jumbled together on the middle of this bag.Here’s the thing : I adore Alexander McQueen bags. I adored his luggage for decades, and when McQueen passed away, the entire fashion world and outside felt a significant void. His richly gothic aesthetic was simple to spot, along with his bags always talked to me and Amanda. This new logo is way too much: too many letters, too big, too in your face, and not what we have come to expect from McQueen. I’ve always associated the skull with McQueen, that is still often used on the brand’s bags, or sometimes, the brand’s name is simply stamped in gold. This new logo is just not good, and I really don’t think I will be alone in thinking this.

For this bag, the team at McQueen smoothed out the Heroine’s signature curves into an angular trim finishes the front flap. That’s not the only notable modification to the flap closure, though; instead of using it as a cover for the top of the bag, the dudes get theirs moved to the front pocket in favor of a zip-top closure that makes accessing your belongings much simpler. After all, who wants to be forced to take your arm out of a bag’s straps and sit it down in front of you in order to be able to access literally anything inside of it? This men’s interpretation preserves the signature handle-threaded flap but makes the bag a thousand times more functional. Looking at it now, I’d never guess that it’s derived from a women’s style if I didn’t already know. Buy through Mr. Porter for $1,995.