Burgundy Moto Jacket + Knee-High Boots

Jacket: Blank NYC Suede Moto Jacket (see other colors available here)
Sweater: BR turtleneck sweater with lace details
Bottom: Leggings with contrasting side stripes
Bag: Circle bag
Boots: Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots in Burgundy (see other colors here)

It’s tough to decide which one I love more, the moto jacket or the white turtleneck sweater. For the moto jacket, I had a hard time debating between this burgundy color or a neutral grey and I am glad I went with this rich burgundy color. The cut and length of the jacket is very flattering and the material has a decent weight to it. The Blank NYC suede moto jackets are affordable and the quality is great for the price.

Then for my best sales find of the season, the Banana Republic sweater. I’ve been eyeing this white turtleneck sweater since hit the stores last winter, this is a collaboration piece between Olivia Palermo and BR. I love the high turtleneck, the lace detail on the bottom and on the bell sleeves. It is a great basic (but still unique) layering piece for the cold weather. The only issue was its $198 price tag. I am so glad I walked away the first few times because a few months later I was able to find it for $20! I found the sweater in stores marked down significantly because the collar had some hanger grease on it. I purchased it without hesitation, took it home and easily washed it using some dish soap. Since this sweater was such a good find, I think it has to be my favorite piece out of the two. Weirdly enough, I still get an adrenaline rush when I reminisce on the purchase…

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