Caramel Military Coat + White Turtleneck

Coat: Club Monaco Sogand Coat (see longer black version here)
Turtleneck: Cashmere sweater in color snow
Jeans: Toothpick jeans in white
Bag: My beloved bongo (circle) bag
Boots: Ted Baker Lorca 2 
Sunglasses: Celine Tilda Sunglasses

Camel color coats are a wardrobe staple but I’ve always walked away from all camel color coats I’ve tried on because the color is just not flattering for my skin tone. Then I found this lighter camel or “caramel color” coat from Club Monaco and finally decided to jump onboard. In addition to the color, I love the military style – it’s classic yet modern. The length is also perfect on my 5’2″ frame – it’s long enough to lengthen but not too long that it looks like I’m wearing a potato sack.

Overall, I love this coat but I do have to cite a couple cons. One, the way the thick shoulder materials and labels are constructed, even if I stand straight, optically it still looks like I have a slight hunchback. The problem is solvable by letting my hair down. Two, although this coat is 69% wool and relatively thick, this coat does not keep me warm at all. The coat uses one button closure so if it’s windy, good luck keeping in any warmth. Even without the wind, the large open area around the neck is prone to heat loss, luckily this is solvable by adding a cute scarf.

I purchased the coat earlier this winter but never wore it because I (logically) decided to pick warmth over fashion. Unfortunately, as a result, the coat is current sold out. I have seen this coat in various lengths and combinations over the last two years so hopefully Club Monaco will bring it back in case you are interested! I’ll keep an eye out and will definitely let you know, just keep in mind this coat is more for spring / fall than winter.

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