Dress Up With the Top Down for Your Next Weekend Experience

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In the middle of summer, there’s nothing better than taking off for a relaxing vacation. But since we’re grounded this season, it’s the perfect time to rekindle our love of the classic American road trip. The wide-open road, the wind in your hair, and nothing but the horizon before you. Whether you choose to head out to a beachside bungalow or a wooded campground, there are a few fashionable pieces that you must-have for your summer road trip.

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Don’t Forget the Little Things

What’s the fun of having the top down if you’re not enjoying the wind and the sun? Make sure you’re prepared this summer with all the right accessories. Sunnies, a scarf, a beach bag—grab what you’ll need for your destination. For ladies, this year it’s all about retro shades, oversized frames and a bright white colorway. Chunky headbands and scarves add some fun to your outfit (and help rein in your windswept hair!). Men can opt for more futuristic shades and pair their outfit with elevated backpacks or cross-body bags.

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Pack It Up In the Best Luggage

Having the right luggage is always in style. And when you’re taking a road trip there’s no worries about overweight suitcases, chunky rolling carts or losing your luggage—with ample trunk space, you can pack all your favorite warm-weather pieces with you. For men, sleek leather duffle bags are always in style, and the utilitarian functionality of a nylon bag can be tossed around a bit if you’re a more adventurous vacationer. Ladies, carryall bags are having a moment. If you can’t fit everything you need for a weekend away into your overnighter—shoes, laptop, camera, toiletries and clothes—you need a new, multifunctional bag that can do it all.

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Summer’s On-Trend Ready-To-Wear

We don’t have to tell you—in summer, style is all about the destination. In Southern California, expect light fabrics and airy layers, while coastal Maine will call for a light sweater or two. To stay on trend this summer no matter where your destination, make this season’s trends work for you. Women should opt for oversized sleeves and mini dresses. If you need a cool-weather layer, leather jackets are in. Men can try some of the latest summer trends in Cuban-collared shirts, relaxed suiting and high-waisted trousers. And linen will never go out of style.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Sure, it’s easy to toss a couple of pairs of flip flops into your trunk, but for true summer style (and not just a necessity to get you from car to surf), choose more elevated pieces. Sandals in menswear are cool again, but loafers will always be a summer classic. Ladies, rejoice! Low heels are in for summer! Low wedges, chunky clogs, even easy-to-wear loafers are back on this summer’s sartorial menu.

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Lounging In Swimwear

Lakeside, beachside, poolside—after months of being indoors, even lounging in the sun calls for the perfect eye-catching swimwear. And since this summer requires us to enjoy the weather right where we are (or a leisurely drive away), why not make the most of it? Women’s swimwear is trending towards a little more fun this season with tons of details like ruffles or texture, like the shiny, shimmery fabric of Lurex. And men, sure you could opt for some solid shorts, but stripes, florals and geometric prints are getting a funky and fresh reboot this season. 

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