Gola Classics Men’s Trainer

1905 saw the birth of Gola when the first pair of hand made football boots were conceived in a small workshop in England. Since then the brand has experienced a rollercoaster ride, surviving two World Wars, successive owners and various other trials and tribulations to blossom in the 1960s and 70s as the pre-eminent sportswear brand. Gola shoes were affiliated with some of the best sports stars of the day from the worlds of boxing, rugby, tennis and squash.  

The design of Gola footwear has changed significantly over the years. Gola shoes are now developed using the very latest computer-aided design techniques to offer Gola customers the very best in product design. Today, Gola creatively incorporates its unprecedented heritage into its flagship designs, by combining styles from yesteryear with today’s most sought after trends. Technological advances in materials and manufacturing also help propel Gola men’s and Gola women’s shoes into a high profile brand with worldwide recognition.  

Whether you’re looking for a sports-inspired or street-style look, Gola footwear has what you are looking for and