Revtown’s Signature Decade Denim Leads Performance Denim Category

(credit: Revtown)

With a simple mission to ‘make the most comfortable, versatile jeans on the market,’ Revtown was founded by three Under Armour alumni Henry Stafford, Under Armour's former chief merchandising officer, Steve Battista, a former senior vice president of creative at Under Armour, and Matt Maasdam, the former head of the Under Armour's e-commerce unit are at the helm of the company. Specializing in performance denim at affordable prices, the startup opened their doors in 2018 and now have a staff of roughly 15 employees.

Revtown provides premium jeans which are designed with the performance and comfort of an athletic pant, but with the look and feel of designer jeans. Their secret sauce is their signature Decade Denim. The signature and trademarked fabric is made from a premium Italian yarn and infused with four-way, dynamic stretch, and constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design today. They visited several mills before finding one-mill outside of Milan and also works with and a ‘jean-ologist’ to perfect its washes and said it typically takes about 1,000 pairs to perfect a wash. “Those little details are truly what we spend a lot of time on,” says Henry Stafford.

(credit: Revtown)

Unlike other jeans that need to be broken in, Revtown’s denim looks and fits the way jeans are supposed to, from day one. This is due to their propriety fabric which is made from premium Italian yarn infused with four-way dynamic stretch and is constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design. Their jeans come in two fits: Sharp, a slimmer fit, and Automatic, more of a mobile and forgiving fit. Ensuring you will always get a great fit when on their site they offer the option of its digital tailor which following entry of your height, weight, age, and body type, the recommended size and fit will be advised. Selling at only $79 a pair, these premium jeans are more affordable than most basic jeans and come in two styles (Sharp and Automatic) and a variety of colors. Sharp feature a slim fit that's more precise to your true size, while Automatic is a bit looser.

 “The product feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive that it really feels great that the work to build our 1st pair of jeans, which took over a year, was well worth it,” Stafford added. “We have taken an uninspired consumer in a category that has not innovated well over the past decade and created a clear and easy ordering process where people want to shop online.”

(credit: Revtown)

They also offer a wide variety of shirts like their graphic tees, air-spun Henley and polos that can be paired into the Revtown Crate for $220. Customers can personalize their box and receive two pairs of jeans, two shirts, and a T-shirt, allowing them to can create their own wardrobe style.

“We believe in really great materials and really great style that will last for years and years at an unbelievable price. Our price point is close to the big players,” says Stafford, “but truly innovative and higher quality.”

The company is also happy to announce that they launched at Nordstrom and are available starting February 6, 2019.