heimish All Clean Balm Review



The YS Beauty Lab

Has your life changed since you started using oil cleansing balms? Mine sure has, ever since I tried the banila co. Clean It Zero. This product likely paved the way for the popularity of cleansing balms.

One of the newer ones is the heimish All Clean Balm, weighing at a hefty 120ml as opposed to Clean It Zero’s 100ml jar. The design of the packaging is more elegant than cute — predominantly white with gold accents, and a tropical motif with hints of pink. It certainly stands out amidst the prevalent cuteness of most Korean beauty brands.

Just like most cleansing balms, this one also comes with a protective lid and a tiny spatula. Unlike banila’s, which are transparent, the lid and spatula of this one are both white which makes it easy to spot. Any balm residue is nearly invisible on it and the shape is more ergonomic.

heimish prides itself on its paraben- and fragrance-free products, and the All Clean Balm is no exception. There’s only a nearly unnoticeable scent which quickly dissipates. The balm itself is nicely packed and solidly white in the jar, and has a slightly firmer texture which means I only need a small amount for each use. The ingredient list on the box includes coconut and lime extracts, and shea butter along with other botanical-derived ingredients. If you’re allergic to coconut, lime or anything on the list, it’s best to look for an alternative or at least do a thorough patch test before using it.

I tried the balm on my wrist which was smeared with liquid-to-powder foundation, waterproof mascara, smudge-proof eyeliner and matte liquid lipstick. I gave it five minutes to dry then transferred a small amount of the All Clean Balm on my wrist and gently rubbed it over the makeup. Emulsifying quickly into a slightly milky texture, the balm melted all the makeup in less than three minutes, and all I had to do was wipe it off with a tissue. No residue, no sticky after-feel, no traces at all.

I didn’t even use water here. Note the used tissue at the bottom.

The fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels in Hong Kong — from 10° to 20° Celsius — in the past few days made it easy to find out whether the All Clean Balm could still do a stellar job in keeping my skin clean and unstripped of its natural oils. An hour after cleansing, rinsing, and having applied nothing else, my skin remained soft and moist even when the ambient humidity in my flat was only around 35-40%. Usually, my face would start getting a little oily by then, which is the skin’s natural reaction to prevent dryness.

At its current price of US$19.85, the heimish All Clean Balm is certainly a winner for anyone, whether you follow a 10- or 12-step regimen or just the usual cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. Plus, you get more balm for your buck!