My Favorite Saint Laurent Handbags

Another week, another handbag post (my absolute favorite)! This post will be about my favorite Saint Laurent handbags. Even though I don’t own any handbags from Saint Laurent, I have liked and continue to like many bags from this brand. The bags will be discussed in the order of when I started to like each.

1.  Saint Laurent Monogram Cabas
The first Saint Laurent bag that I fell in love with was the Monogram Cabas. I loved the slightly slouchy structure with the classic tote-like silhouette – it gives a casual and feminine look. Saint Laurent has two versions of this bag, the one with the big Y or the one with the YSL. I personally like the single big Y because it looks cleaner. I was obsessed with this bag probably 2-3 years ago but that obsession died down when I looked at this bag in person. Although the bag looks simple from the front, it is more complicated from the top and side. I still like the look of the bag but I don’t think I would purchase one.

2.  Saint Laurent Sac de Jour
My second love from Saint Laurent was the popular Sac de Jour. I loved the simple tote with the gorgeous fan detailing on the sides. The Sac de Jour looks modern and professional. The bag comes in suede, smooth, pebbled, and croc-stamped leather and in various colors. There are a few key reasons holding me back from purchasing this bag:

  1. I have the Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote and the Sac de Jour is quite similar
  2. The small size is too big and the baby size was too small for me
  3. The bag is heavy
  4. In person, this bag, especially the ones in the smooth and pebbled leather aren’t as impressive or breathtaking

Overall, I think the Sac de Jour is still a beautiful bag but it is no longer on top of my wish list. If I do get one, I would get the croc stamped leather in the baby size.

3.  Saint Laurent Tassel Shoulder Bag
My third obsession was the Saint Laurent tassel shoulder bag. It was impossible to not fall for this bag – my favorite bags are small shoulder / cross body bags so this is perfect. Then the feminine touch of the tassel takes it up a notch. Ahhh it is so so beautiful! I would love to get a tassel bag in a hot pink color – I have only seen the hot pink version with smooth leather but I want to find the more scratch resistant pebbled leather. The only downside is the shoulder strap is too long for my height so I could have to somehow shorten the chain.

4.  Saint Laurent Chain Wallet
I love wallet on chains and one of the prettiest ones on the market is the Saint Laurent chain wallet. Saint Laurent has two version of the WOC, this bigger version and a smaller version – I personally like the bigger version because it fits more and looks better. Also the chevron print on this bag is beautiful! The blush and hot pink versions are my favorite – the only problem is those colors only comes with the yellow gold (way too yellow for me). Hopefully they come out with a light gold or silver version!

5.  Saint Laurent Tote
Tote bags are the best and a must have in any girl’s handbag collection! I like the Saint Laurent tote because it is a simple and stunning leather tote. At the same time because it is so simple it is hard to justify paying for the premium (although we are paying a premium for all designer bags). Although I like this bag, my obsession was brief because I’ve heard that the bag scratches easily (see Chase Amie’s review here) and for a tote bag, durability is a must.

6.  Saint Laurent College
My latest crazy obsession is the Saint Laurent College bag. I’ve known about this bag for a long time but have never wanted it until recently. I love the dual top handle + shoulder strap optionality of this bag. I also love the chevron print, although I don’t like the vertical leather from the top of the bag to the YSL logo. If you like the Chanel CoCo Handle bag, then this bag is a great alternative!

7.  Saint Laurent Sunset
The Saint Laurent Sunset is my new crush – but I am not obsessed yet. Obsession is when I watch various YouTube videos and read PurseForum discussions and reviews on the bag. This bag is a combination of all my favorite bags – the tri fold structure and shape is very similar to the Celine box bag and the chain is very similar to the Chanel Boy.

To me Saint Laurent’s bags are modern and chic. I like most of the bags from the brand but the tassel clutch and the college bags are on top of my wish list. The only bags that I don’t like are the blogger bag (too small and impractical) and the trapeze-looking bag.

Thank you for reading, let me know which Saint Laurent bags are your favorite!