How to Wear Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year



If you’re a designer (be it interior, fashion, product or graphic), you may know that Pantone has chosen the very refreshing Greenery as its Color of the Year. There are two main reasons I haven’t written about this until now. First, Greenery isn’t a flattering color, fashion-wise; and second, it was still too early to talk about such a spring-related color (it was still snowing heavily in New York a couple of weeks ago). Now that Valentine’s Day is over, I guess it’s finally time to face this tricky shade of green.

Photos: Pantone, Just Jared (left), Harper’s Bazaar (right)

Start with Accessories, Gadgets & Makeup

I admit I’ll never wear a one-piece that’s this exact shade. Sitting in the middle of the color spectrum, green is supposed to be neutral, complementing most colors and skin tones. Unfortunately, Greenery is just too bright, too bold to be worn as a one-piece. Instead, I recommend wearing a statement accessory in the shade. Opt for a phone case, peridot earrings, eyeglass frames, shoe laces, nail polish or even ash-green ombré hair. Keep it small and subtle.

Substitute with Mint, Olive, Emerald or Pine

Cheat a little by wearing other shades of green. After all, it’s a green lifestyle that Pantone is promoting, and mint, olive, emerald and pine sound au naturel to me! Wearing and finding clothes in these shades is easy as pie. I always keep a pine-green blouse and a knit top in my winter wardrobe, and tend to wear them frequently during Christmas. Celine Dion wore an emerald gown and Adele an olive-colored dress to the latest Grammy Awards, and both were stunning. As for mint green, you can find plenty of it in YesStyle’s mori-style brands.

Mint is best for summer, while emerald and pine green ooze a wintry mood. Olive is fine for both seasons. You can also opt for a luxurious look with outfits made of satin or velvet, or using embroidery.

Go Camo or Tropical

Since we’re talking about reconnecting with nature, why not wear the shade in its most natural form, i.e., how it appears in the wild? Camouflage is evergreen in both menswear and womenswear, and tropical prints are a good substitute for feminine florals. These prints tap into the athleisure trend and make your outfit more exciting without being too bold. Most important, they epitomize Greenery’s ability to complement other colors.

Finish with a Touch of Gold

Rose gold is still going strong so why not pair it with Greenery? This sweet and refreshing palette will be excellent for weddings. Greenery also goes well with yellow gold, which gives it an opulent touch and highlights the hopeful mood that Greenery promises. Last but not least, do keep in mind that Greenery is more about adopting a green lifestyle. So don’t just wear green – live it! Eat more greens, go outdoors and embrace the golden sun! Live a healthy life!