Nikki’s Inbox: Covering Up Stretch Marks?



Hi Nikki! I unfortunately have some stretchmarks on my legs (calves and thighs), and I’m wondering how to best cover them up, especially in summer. I got them when I was 13-14 and growing, so they are faded now and they are color wise almost the same as my skin, but I feel like the dents/dimples in the skin are still very noticeable. I’m 160cm, a size 36 and apple-shaped.

I always just end up wearing either long pants or shorts/skirts with grey/black tights, which can sometimes look a bit out of place, especially the jeans, when it’s hot out. I can’t wear really cutesy stuff, because I already look like I’m 15. And I tend to prefer bland clothes (jeans and a T-shirt, black/grey/navy colors etc.), that don’t make me stand out too much, but should really try something new. Thanks!

Michelle, 21/Denmark

Most people have stretch marks, and if you have them, that’s a good sign. You said it yourself that you acquired them when you were growing, so it’s proof that you did grow up! Joking aside, I wouldn’t worry that much about stretch marks, darling, because they’re only superficial. They will disappear in time, or perhaps a little more rapidly if you apply the appropriate creams and massage the areas regularly.

While it’s winter, you can definitely cover up your legs with boots, tights and dresses as much as you want. However, here are some of my suggestions that may even work year-round!

Surface solutions

You’ve mentioned wearing tights, darling, and I agree that wearing them will help hide your stretch marks. However, if you’re wearing thick or very dark tights in summer, then yes, you will feel and look weird. Why not switch to sheer black, nude colors or ones with cute patterns instead? You said it yourself that your marks have now faded a bit, and unless anyone really puts their eyes close to your legs, I doubt that they’ll actually see any real difference.

Kally Kay : 59 Seconds : NANA Stockings

Another quick solution is to wear leg makeup or apply a bronzer with SPF on your legs. It’s definitely not permanent but it’s an alternative if you really want to wear short shorts or skirts.

DERMABLEND : Laneige : Bobbi Brown

Take advantage of your body shape

Most apple shapes have a generous bust and great legs, however, in your case, Michelle, you’re also insecure about the stretch marks on your legs. So make sure all the attention is on your upper half. Structured tops are shaped via strategic darts, pleats and other details so make sure to look for these.

Wider necklines, like scoops or V-necks, are called for. You can emphasize this further with gorgeous scarves while it’s winter, and with statement necklaces once you whip the scarf off! Empire waists can also seemingly elongate your body. Since it’s the holiday season and there are plenty of parties to go around, this is your perfect excuse to wear a dress or top with a halter neckline, as well as other embellished tops because that means you just need minimal accessories.

Oaksa : Jolly Club : chuu : Sunset Hours

Say hello to the high-lo

Asian fashion has definitely embraced the high-lo trend so much and it has definitely become a staple look here on YesStyle. The dip-back /high-low hem is your new best friend, Michelle, especially skirts or dresses with really dramatic lengths. A longer hem at the back ensures some coverage of the back of your legs, while the short hem in front means it won’t overwhelm your petite frame, and still shows off your legs. You can definitely rock this in winter with some patterned tights, and in summer with sheer ones, or just dare to bare!

chuu : clicknme : Hello sweety

Consider your stretch marks not as flaws, dearest Michelle, but battle scars. It took me a while to embrace mine but I now see them as markers of my journey towards better self-acceptance and self-confidence! You can do this!

Happy holidays, dear readers! Thank you for keeping me company this past year. I’ll be back in January!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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