On My Christmas Bag Wish List: Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Nano Backpack


Oh for the love of monograms, here we go again about to get haunted by this because we can’t have it for Christmas!

This nano- sized backpack is way too cute not be be written up or given a mention, especially with Christmas bonus season ??


The Palm springs backpack in the smallest size made me want covet the bag when LV first rolled it out a few seasons ago. I would’ve gone for it had it not been for the steep price tag for a small bag. Big mistake though for not! Because this newest version in black coated canvas with red monograms (told you, holiday- perfect color) is even more expensive!


In Hong Kong, this itty bitty thing costs HK$ 15,500. I was floored. These nano bags cost way more than the bigger sized bags now! Was it worth it? I honestly don’t think so. Not anymore. But hey, this backpack definitely makes it to my wishlist still because it won me over in the cute department. For a small bag, it does hold a lot of things. A larger phone fits into the bag too, along with a small point and shoot camera and a compact wallet. And because the bag straps can be removed, you cqn actually make this into a one- strap shoulder bag instead of a backpack.

Still not worth it? Hmm… worth thinking about again ?