With party season fast approaching, make sure your clutch game is tight

Alexander McQueen Punk Skull Box Clutch, $2720 via Net-a-Porter

The newest can do a terrific day bag on occasion, though — remember the Novak, in all of its angular, tailored, mid-century glory? McQueen is returning to this feel for Fall 2012 using the Alexander McQueen Heroine Satchel, however can it be a great bag, or merely an average one?How you answer that question probably depends largely on whether or not you like the fold-over flap that surrounds the bag’s front strap attachment. My gut response to it was contempt; not merely does the flap disrupt the line of the handles, but it gets the contents of this tote impossible to access when it is in your arm. On it’s face, maybe not a excellent design move.Then I began to consider other totes with not-dissimilar structural arrangements, such as the Hermes Birkin, which also requires a bit of maneuvering to open while on the carrier’s arm, even if it doesn’t require total removal such as the Heroine seemingly does. When I see girls carrying Birkins around New York, however, I generally see them using an flap tucked inside along with the top available, not only ready for functional use but additionally positioned for a more casual look. I could see the Heroine being carried the same way — with the best flap tucked away, downplaying its somewhat formal look. I am still not completely convinced, however, as much as I like the multicolored python used in the top-of-the-line edition. What do you really think?There are a lot of reasons that I am someone who writes about purses instead of someone who designs them, however among the large ones is that once I think about a bag like the Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch, ” I have no idea how I’d move forward with it. Skull clutches are done in virtually every color, finish, embellishment and subject of which I can conceive, and it feels like we should have hit some sort of back corner of imagination by now.

We’re readying a much more extensive guide to sparkly little bags for the holiday season, but while that’s in the pipeline, I couldn’t help but post about the Alexander McQueen Punk Skull Box Clutch – after all, it really deserves to stand on its own. Feathers and rhinestones and beads, oh my!

With the bag, McQueen manages again to do what it always does so well – successfully combine multiple heavy design elements in a way that doesn’t feel overwrought or silly. The company makes that kind of light touch look easy, but it’s not – just as whoever’s behind Christian Louboutin’s handbags. A clutch like this one is to be celebrated as something of an accomplishment.

As best as I can tell, that success comes out of the brand, even after the loss of its founder, having a very clear and unified vision instead of just a lot of ideas. When everyone involved in the design process has bought in to a single aesthetic ideal, it becomes easier to work toward fulfilling it everywhere, not just on the runway. The embellishment on this clutch would look right at home trimming the edges of a McQueen collection dress, and although the feathers might make this bag a little awkward to hold at times, I think that the attention to detail is worth it. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2720.