The Lady Dior: The Other Quilted Handbag That Celebrities Love For Sale

The Lady Dior is one of the most iconic handbags that the house of Dior has designed. The bag rocketed to fame after Lady Diana was seen carrying it in a Royal occasion. Soon thereafter the tote became synonymous with elegance and exquisite taste, and it has remained so for the previous twenty years.

What’s interesting about the Lady Dior bag is the way that is has managed to keep its iconic status in a somewhat quiet, understated manner. When one believes that fervour that”it” bags after caused the among trend lovers the world over, it seems to be an incredible feat of marketing that Dior has managed to get the balance just right with this one; just the right quantity of vulnerability to remind the consumer of its quiet luxury without suffering from overexposure. Part of the reason behind this is that in more recent years, Dior has made a small tactical retreat from the online accessories marketplace. This is possibly in keeping with what might be considered that the plan of their greatest lateral competitor, Chanel. Like Chanel, Dior bags are not available for purchase (new, that is) online, and must be obtained by the plan house itself or ordered via one of the branded retail locations.


The attractiveness of the tote notwithstanding, this type of exclusivity is exactly why the Lady Dior is remarkably popular with celebrities and fashionistas. Paris Hilton, Anne Hathaway, Dita Von Teese, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many, many more recognizable faces and names have all been seen carrying the Lady Dior.

And the moment of reckoning; the Lady Dior bag generally begins at approximately $3,900, and increases from there, based on your selection of fabrication and design.